1876 – Theism – Prof. R. Flint

Theism – Prof. Robert Flint

Robert Flint, Professor of Divinity in Edinburgh University was by far the most distinguished of the early Baird lecturers.

He says that any system of natural theology must, amongst other things, contain some examination of the evidence for belief in God. Flint’s lectures start by reflecting on the difference between polytheism and pantheism on the one hand and theism on the other and then they examine the classical “proofs”. Flint regards these, at different times, as evidence of God’s self-manifestation, at other times as reasons for faith in God, and at others as a satisfactory demonstration of God’s existence.

Flint was not afraid of scientific advances nor of Darwinism, and in published work shortly after Darwin published his Origin of Species was incorporating Darwin’s theory into his own theological reflection, which he does to a far greater extent in these lectures.

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