1873 – The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures – Rev R Jamieson

The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures – Robert Jamieson

The first Baird lecturer was Robert Jamieson, St Paul’s in Glasgow, who had been Moderator of the previous year’s General Assembly. He was a biblical scholar, and his lectures delivered three years after Robertson Smith was appointed to the Free Church College in Aberdeen, clearly represents a conservative reaction against the sort of continental critical scholarship which Robertson Smith was to popularise in his Encyclopaedia Britannica articles two years later. Jamieson claims the Old Testament’s inspiration was attested by Jesus (cf allegations made against Robertson Smith at his trial), and while the Old Testament reflects “sacred history” in that it is typical of the New and contains the promises fulfilled in the New, the content of the Gospels afford a strong argument for their inspiration. In this context Jamieson believes Jesus spoke Greek. The unity of the Scriptures, their universal application, their realism about the failings of great figures and their reserve on unimportant matters all point to the inspiration of Scripture, though there are relative differences in the degree of the inspiration of different books.

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